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You lift faster & safer than ever before

Meet the new remote controlled hook you will never want to work without!

Save set up time & Avoid incident

Get a valuable equipment to increase your business


For constructionand manufacturing

Safely release from distance 


Working teams now release the rigging from a safe distance, while bringing value at each lift for years to come.
Those unique remote-controlled hooks were built for harshest environnement with simplicity and patience.


Highly versatile (all set-up allowed), compact and sturdy, this one-of-a-kind below the hook lifting device is changing the game at the jobsite.

Safe by designfor 10 years

A proven fail-safe design OSHA compliant


It has made a long way in diverse industrial sectors, constantly proving its efficiency and reliability at work, especially in harsh environment.

  • 4 safety features for total peace of mind● Mechanical Fall-protection design● Opening mechanism switched off during lift● 2 button release sequence on the remote to open the hookSafe locked state if battery fully discharged

  • 3 additionnal facts related to safety● Design derived from a rugged choker system used in the forest industry● 5,000+ users have already been taking advantage of the hooks in their line of work10 years field experience

Built for workers

Most valuable rigging gear


Key Features for demanding crew● Easy to handle (2 handles, only 6lbs)● Steamlined shape to avoid snag situation● Sturdy design made for construction site & harsh environment ● Long lasting battery life, more than a week @ 100 lifts + per day ● Scalable lifting capacity, unlimited sync for multi-leg set-up● Unequaled compacity, only 7”/6 lbs to lift 4,400 lbs WLL● Highly versatile (choker, vertical, basket) to address most lifting operations● Made for outside, comes with mobile charger for off-grid jobsite


When versatily brings efficiency

One unique remote controlled hook for all applications

DirectWhenever lifting attachment like eyebolts, straps, lifting eyes are available
BasketOften used with joists, trusses or to haul bulk of materials at site or load onto truck or ship
ChokerWhenever you want to choke girts, purlins, beams, columns
Multi-LegPair as many hooks as you want on the same remote and release them “all at once” or “one by one” Want to add another hook later down the road? We synchronize it with your initial remote

Small assetBig savings

Because we truly value your business


Support - Service

We operate with partners and offer quick turnaround servicing to our customers in United States and Canada


Save up to 25% of your crew&crane time during lifting/erecting operations, keep your crew safe & showcase your safety commitment to your customer 

Annual Inspection

We are performing annual inspection to keep your hooks in top notch condition and make your investment substainable

Inventory & Spare parts

Because we don't want you to lose an opportunity, we ship any spare part or accessory in less than 24 hours


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